4 Day Work-Week

4 Day Work Week

In case you missed it- Wildern is officially a remote company with a 4 day work week. 🎉

The pandemic has presented numerous challenges for businesses and organizations around the world, forcing them to adapt and be flexible in order to survive. At Wildern, we have taken the opportunity to reexamine our approach to work and have made the decision to fully embrace a remote model, with a four day work week.

This change was inspired by our desire to create a more balanced and healthy work environment for our team. We believe that by giving our employees the freedom to work from anywhere and the ability to have one full day off each week, we can foster a culture of creativity, productivity, and satisfaction.

During our trial period, we were pleased to see an increase in all of these areas. Our team was able to come up with more innovative and original solutions for our clients, and we saw a noticeable uptick in overall productivity.

At Wildern, we are committed to being a place where talented creatives can thrive and produce their best work. We value the hard work and dedication of our team members, and we want to ensure that their efforts are always seen, appreciated, and compensated.

By moving to a remote, four day work week, we are confident that we can create a work environment that allows our team to succeed and make a positive impact for our clients.