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A Fresh Perspective

Formerly known as the Seattle Angel Fund, the SeaChange Fund team came to Wildern looking for an end-to-end rebrand. First, we worked with them to define their visual brand values through the Wildern Brand Lab Workshop. These values then became the cornerstone of their brand and heavily influenced the visual direction. The Great Blue Heron; the official bird of Seattle and a symbol of wisdom, prosperity and determination was an obvious albeit unique choice to serve as the foundation for their brand.

Among a competitive landscape of dry, corporate brands the intent was to create a fresh, unexpected identity with the specific goal of creating a vibrant and captivating digital experience.

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Susan Preston

“We were beyond pleased with the quality of service, creativity and responsiveness of the Wildern team. Their creative vision exceeded our expectations always leaving us with stellar options to choose from. Wildern is meticulous, organized and excels at client services."