3.14 DC

Brand Story

3.14 DC

National planning & design agency website is reenergized with bold colors and clever motion graphics.

3.14 DC creates modern food experiences for corporate campuses and brings high tech solutions to traditional food and beverage businesses. The team at 3.14 DC are experts at imagining ‘what if..?’ so Wildern created looping animations to replicate the iterative nature of their planning process. The website design is a fun and engaging interactive experience with delightful surprises throughout.


Customer and Operations Journey

From the entry thru the back of the house and onto the loading dock, we work with your team to integrate all the key elements in the project plan.

Dream It. Build It.

With the discovery foundation completed, the real estate evaluated, and the facilities assessed, we can now dream about the “what ifs”.

Is Feasibility Reality?

With a plan that is rooted in sound, dream big ideas, the team can create proforma scenarios for capital planning, operational costs, and phasing of the project.

Creating the Nourishing Places Road Map for Success!

The Road Map is an illustrated schedule and plan that lays out and integrates all key elements of a Dynamic Plan to share with the project and design team, as a basis for RFP, or a part of a greater campus master plan.