Nu-Med Plus

Brand Story


Reinventing the healing power of nitric oxide delivery systems

Builders of next generation medical devices, Nu-Med Plus engineers patented technology to safely deliver precision doses of nitric oxide. The Nu-Med team approached Wildern with a logo they loved and a website in need of a major overhaul.

Wildern was responsible for art direction, creative strategy, interface design, user experience design and web development on this project. Our goal was to break down a complicated narrative into something digestible and captivating. The creative strategy behind this website heavily utilizes SVG animations and Three.js javascript framework with webpack to bring the Nu-Med story to life.

Innovative technology and the marketplace advantages are protected.
Lightweight and portable technology is posed to open new markets.
Cutting-edge science delivers new advances in nitric oxide delivery.
Lowering costs allows greater access to care for more people in more places.
Step 1
Patented Nu-Med Plus technology releases precision amounts of nitric oxide into a patient's lungs
Step 2
The nitric oxide dosage is calibrated for each patient and relaxes blood vessels
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Step 3
Increased oxygen flows to cells, damaged tissue, and destroys viruses infecting cells
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Step 4
Newly oxygenated cells increase the rate of healing
Jeff Robins

“We worked with the Wildern team to redesign our website and partnered with them to extend our brand. Their impeccable work ethic and creative versatility was grounded in a depth of professional experience demonstrating a range of abilities. Wildern was efficient and successfully created work ranging from editorial illustration, graphic design, branding, CD design, and web design to highly specialized and marvelously resolved informational designs (charts, maps, diagrams, tables and instructions). Wildern took our content and made it easily accessible and aesthetically communicative, bringing our website viewers to our product and investor pages. What a great team to help guide us through the website redesign process."