Clipper Vacations

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Get on board. Get away.

Since 2016, Wildern has served as the Clipper Vacations design & creative team.  No matter the medium, our goal is to honor the equity they’ve built in their brand over the years, while introducing fresh and innovative ideas in both concept and execution.

We continue to work with the Clipper marketing team daily, on everything from creative strategy to production design; including seasonal campaign concepting & execution, email (MailChimp) marketing campaign design & development, print advertising, digital advertising, terminal + boat wayfinding signage, user experience design, visual interface design, digital development and more!

Victoria Clippers Brochure
Clipper Summer Image
Clipper Summer Sale Badge
Clipper Victoria Spring Image
Clipper Spring Sale Badge
Butchart Gardens
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Clipper Weekend Deals
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Scott Meis

“The Wildern team is incredible and the perfect boutique full-service studio! From creative ideation and planning through detailed project management and flawless execution, the team always delivers. A core extension of my Clipper marketing team that I rely on daily for creative, digital, print, UX and development, Wildern is always there to tackle projects with whip-smart strategy and strong collaboration.”