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A new, innovative visual language for the anti-piracy industry.

Marketly is a Silicon Valley-based, anti-piracy company. Marketly uses popular, cutting edge tools like machine learning and AI to create results and help brands with copyright and trademark enforcement.

Using the Wildern Brand Lab process, we assisted with a complete rebrand of Marketly, providing logo and brand guidelines, as well as creating unique one-of-a-kind art assets and animations to use on their website. Wildern also assisted in creating a brand new custom WordPress theme, with a series of customizable, modular components to allow for rapid and easy page expansion.

Marketly was acquired in October 2020 by Corsearch, a leading global solution in helping companies protect and expand their growth.

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Ross Reynolds

We worked with Wildern just as Marketly was emerging out of its lean start-up phase into a mature growth phase. We needed a professional brand that evoked trust in the enterprise brands that we represent and the innovation we bring to the market. They delivered a new brand and effective marketing website for our SaaS product that brought us into the top 5 search results for vendors in our space. We received positive comments from customers, and the change to inbound leads was noticeable. We were very pleased to work with them at this phase in our company's growth.